**Global Material Shortage** - Please call us directly before placing any orders. Due to the current global material shortage, many vinyl materials have been temporarily discontinued. Thank you in advance and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

SOTT® Application Gloves (Pair)

Pair of Seamless Gloves
£4.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Distance Bracket

Dispenser Tool for use with Goliath Magnets
£11.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Doorgasket Puller

To Realign Door Rubbers
£16.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Heat Gun Holder

Holder Tool for use with Goliath Magnets
£24.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Lady Bag

A Professional Toolbag
£34.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Nylon Pushstick

Plastic Application Tool
£2.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Paper/Vinyl Cutter

Knife Holderl
£4.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Rivet Brush

Brush Applicator for Rivets
£10.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Seal It Pen

For An Edge-Sealing Solution
£24.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Speed Clip

For Keeping Rolls Tidy and Secure After Use
£1.49 exc VAT

SOTT® The Goliath Magnet

Extra Strong Mounting Magnet
£16.99 exc VAT

SOTT® The Shank

For Use Fitting Vinyl Into Awkward Places
£8.99 exc VAT

SOTT® The Yellow Ruler

Anti-slip Cutting Ruler
£34.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Tint-Off - Window Film Remover (1litre)

For Removing Film off Windows
£24.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Tool Box

Everything you need in one place
£49.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Triumph MK-II Super Scraper

Double Edged Steel Scraper Blade
£24.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Wrap Tweezer I

Handy Tool For Easier Installation
£7.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Wrap Tweezer II

Handy Tool For Hard To Reach Places
£7.99 exc VAT