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SOTT® Application Gloves (Pair)

Pair of Seamless Gloves
£3.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Distance Bracket

Dispenser Tool for use with Goliath Magnets
£11.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Doorgasket Puller

To Realign Door Rubbers
£16.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Heat Gun Holder

Holder Tool for use with Goliath Magnets
£22.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Lady Bag

A Professional Toolbag
£34.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Nylon Pushstick

Plastic Application Tool
£2.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Paper/Vinyl Cutter

Knife Holderl
£4.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Rivet Brush

Brush Applicator for Rivets
£10.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Seal It Pen

For An Edge-Sealing Solution
£24.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Speed Clip

For Keeping Rolls Tidy and Secure After Use
£1.49 exc VAT

SOTT® The Goliath Magnet

Extra Strong Mounting Magnet
£16.99 exc VAT

SOTT® The Shank

For Use Fitting Vinyl Into Awkward Places
£8.99 exc VAT

SOTT® The Yellow Ruler

Anti-slip Cutting Ruler
£34.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Tool Box

Everything you need in one place
£49.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Triumph MK-II Super Scraper

Double Edged Steel Scraper Blade
£24.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Wrap Tweezer I

Handy Tool For Easier Installation
£7.99 exc VAT

SOTT® Wrap Tweezer II

Handy Tool For Hard To Reach Places
£7.99 exc VAT